Did you catch that fucker……..Yes I did!

You can be a jackass fan, or you can wear glasses, but you can’t do both. At least, not on Wout Poels watch.

And finally, the Bongiorno incident. A shove at the wrong time while standing on a very steep section and it’s all over. The striking part is how rapidly Bongiorno loses momentum after he unclips.

How To Moonwalk In 5 Easy Steps
Because its never too late to learn!
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Flight Lieutenant George Aird AFC, a test pilot with the De Havilland Aircraft Company, ejecting from an English Electric Lightning P1B XG 332 on 13 September 1962. Read More

please no weather shortening, please no weather shortening, please no weather shortening…

Justus Vermaak
Bela-Bela, South Africa in 2012

If you just follow the lines, it’s easy to see… oh… well…


Marcel Kittel photographed by Kristof Ramon after an amazing performance which saw him take stage 2 of the Giro d’Italia in Dublin.

Sprinters aren’t lazy. They are not “wheel suckers”, they are the fastest bike riders on earth and they work for their wins. Each year sprinting gets more and more difficult, lead outs start at 30km out and by 5km to go it’s a full on track-sprint style hustle to get to the front. I love sprint stages as much as climbing stages.
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